Jennifer SaylesJen is a California native but relocated to Las Vegas in 2013. She began training as a gymnast at the age of three. She quickly progressed and started competing at the age of five. Her extensive training in both gymnastics and dance lead her to be California’s state champion by age 9 and known as a national elite gymnast by age 10. Her success enabled her to be selected for the U.S. national team and train for the 1996 Olympics. She trained under the renowned Bela and Marta Karolyi.

Jen has had the opportunity to use her talents performing with The Mickey Mouse Club, NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, as well as exhibition shows all around Los Angeles including at the Great Western Forum.

Jen now uses her talents to train other young athlete’s in the area of acrobatics. She has taught and incorporated acro into choreography for dance students, cheer squads, and martial artists. She has been teaching acro in multiple capacities for nearly 20 years. Her passion is to give dancers and athletes alike the ability to add uniqueness to their repertoire through the use of acro.

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